Friday, April 18, 2008

Floridays! :)

I'm in Florida! It's so wonderful to be away from work for a little while (even though in my mind, I'm occasionally still there). Mom and Ga and Barbara and I went to Sonny's yesterday, and last night to SIngleton's (our favorite Seafood Shack). It has been great. And right now, I'm watching the sun rise over the intercoastal waterway, and it's all misty and beautiful. And of course, the dog is here trying to find any scrap of food that could potentially have ever fallen to the floor. She's gifted.
Off to St. Augustine today. I've got a lot of fun pictures, I'll put them up later!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So, I went to watch baskeball last night with the Myers...and we had delicious fiesta lasagna! Way to cook amazing food, Sandy - especially while you're eight months pregnant. I got to spend time playing piano and singing with Mara, Braden and Kaylin, and managed to narrowly avoid an allergic reaction to the cats. But it was fun to talk with Sandy and watch the game with her and Patrick. Plus, Kansas won the game, which was pretty cool considering they started it with their biggest deficit of the tournament. Such is life...and basketball. :)
It's nice to live in a community of people that you work with and even like sometimes (just kidding, y'all - I always like you). It's nice after about nine hours of work to sit back, talk over dinner, play with funny, cute kids, and then eat brownies and talk all the way through a basketball game. And then go home to a nice warm bed...then kicking the cat out of my room (she likes to sit in the window and meow at the birds that live in our bushes).
A good day!

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Quest for WIreless

So, typically, Ligonier Camp is a little behind in its technological advances, and today was no different. Except...well...except that we found out today that we have a wireless network that no one knows about and that we can't find a router for. But it's real because I'm using it to type this right now! And using my phone.
This weekend was a blast for Emma and I! She was in a Brazil show on Friday at Pitt and she did a great job, despite the classic "Brazilian organized event" (and we use the term organized very very loosely) with its complete lack of programming. :) And the ever-popular Maple Syrup Festival - we ate lost of pancakes and sausage and coffee and made friends at our table. The line was over two hours long, and it wrapped all the way from the back of the BR lodge around the circle and back to the Wax Candle booth! It was forever long, but so worth the wait! Plus, you got to check out all the craft booths as you passed, so really, it was a great marketing thing for them. Otherwise I probably would never have purchased my two mulberry-scented pine cones. Hey, the really do smell great!
This coming week is crazy - it's camper email time. What's the best part about campers? They are excited about camp! What's the worst part about campers? They forget to sign up until you remind them. That's my job!