Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Whoa...things got busy quickly! I am happy about that, though, because in the winter basically all there is to do is be cold and drink tea. That's good in moderation, but..well..you know. You've gotta keep things moving.
This weekend is the Spiritual Renewal weekend - it's actually going to be pretty cool for that congregation, I think. They're really working to create a community in a church that's been without strong ties for a long time. I'm excited to be part of it!
Get this - tomorrow, we're praying in one of the "pods" that overlooks the city. For those of you from elsewhere, those are basically just these amazing overlooks on Mt. Washington (a slope that is up above the river and overlooking the Point) that are perfect for prayer groups. Despite the cold, I think it's going to be a great way to get things rolling. Plus, what a view!
Be praying for this weekend - it's a big deal for the camp and for the church downtown. This is a big step!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Seriously..this is my job?

I'm cutting out fish today - a lot of fish - for the fishbowl project. In the room next to my office, there's a room full of people having a worship service. Outside my window is a gloomy November day dropped right into happy October, and I'm full of Abigail's coconut coffee. And we have internet! Woo hoo!
I have been reading "Quiet Strength", which is Tony Dungy's autobiography. I really do recommend it, especially if you like football (he's the coach of the Indianapolis Colts). He has been such a faithful follower of Christ throughout his career and in everything that he does. What a great role model for his own players and staff - and to all those little guys who think they might want to be a football player when they grow up! How cool that God provides Coach Dungy's experiences to relate to so many others.
Plus, I love football! Go Steelers.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Today's "Internet Cafe"

Haha...I mean it, really - I'm like an internet cafe junkie now. How did we ever survive without email? I've just sent out about 1,000 emails to get things set up for Promo Visits, but I'd be totally irresponsible if I didn't check my email and respond daily. Today I'm actually not at a WiFi hot spot, I'm at the library. For those of you who've seen Gilmore Girls, just picture that town, and that's basically what I'm looking out on right now (the square with a little gazebo - only here, it's the "diamond").
Anyway, back to work - I'm figuring out how to make this awesome craft for next Friday's lesson that looks like a fishbowl. We'll be learning how to be fishers of men (Matt. 4:19). It looks cute, but takes a bit of prep on my end!

Monday, October 22, 2007


Howdy, y'all. It's Monday, and I'm all back to work. Only, not "at" work exactly, at Panera mooching their free WiFi, which is fabulous (kudos to you, Panera). Not having the internet up and running at work is tough, but it also provides for a change of scenery which is awesome. Plus, I got to eat delicious food and hang out for a few minutes with my friend Teddy who works at this Panera (I asked him for the hookup with the big cup for water - I'm still using those little tiny plastic ones!).
This week's plan is to have a bible study curriculum ready for K-6 graders at FPC's Spiritual Renewal Weekend, so I'm up to my eyeballs in crafts, games, songs, and snacks to use to make this really fun for the kids! I need to find a great craft that is "vine and branches" themed - anyone? We're also talking about being fishers of men - and for snack, we're having goldfish crackers that we will "catch" by putting a little peanut butter on a prezel rod! Fun stuff.
Time for me to get back to the daily grind - peace out!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So much joy!

How lucky am I to get to hang out with some of the cutest kids ever? I love getting to be a little part of their lives and getting to be a kid for a while when I see them! Here's Mara - she wanted her picture taken and she posed just as if we were in the studio! What a sweetie.

Back to Life

Have you ever experienced the feeling of coming "back to life"? That's sort of how I feel now - I just started to get things all pulled together, to be comfortable at work after all that hustle and bustle of summer camp is over and I've gotten used to the fact that it's a quiet, lonely sort of place to be. I have been so thankful for the wonderful people that I work with that I'm also blessed to call my friends.
Today is one of those rare and wonderful weekdays where I am not at work - instead I've been watching Mike & Mike in the Morning for hours and eaten cinnamon rolls and had English Breakfast Tea. It's delightful on a Wednesday morning to be worried only about whether or not Kobe Bryant will be traded!
This week has been a good one for making progress - getting church visits set up. Hey, if you have a church that would love for me to visit and give a little spiel about Ligonier Camp, you just let me know and I'll be there! I'm really excited to get out and meet the kids and families whose lives have been (or will be) touched through the ministry of the camp.
If you're feeling down, my prescription is definitely a few cinnamon rolls and ESPN. ;)