Monday, November 17, 2008

Lamest thing ever

So, I sent my first accidental email today. I mean, I've sent emails accidentally before, but it was always that I pressed "send" when I hadn't typed anything yet or something. But instead, today, I meant to forward an email and instead I replied, and it is no good. :( It was not a mean email by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't a professionally written, properly sent email. Here's the stage:
I got an email from a very nice man wishing to be of some help to the camp through his skills and abilities. He has written a book, and is an accomplished physician and teacher, as well as a Christian, and now he wants to give back.
I was so excited! I started to write back to him to get in touch about opportunities. Then, halfway through, I realized Pat might want to talk with him regarding the capital campaign, etc. so instead I decided to forward the email to Patrick, suggesting to him that this man might be a great person to train staff for O-week, or to help as a nurse during the summer, or to help us raise some money for the capital campaign, because he probably has some great connections through his writing career.
Now, none of that seems too bad, right? But to me, it feels terrible mercenary and unprofessional to send to someone outside the organization, which I did...when I replied, instead of forwarding. I feel terrible! I would call if I could, but he didn't leave contact information at all. I always check and double check my emails...almost always, the spell check stops me, so I get a second to think. But of course, not today, because the world is my enemy. Now to tell Patrick.
I spent some time trying to figure out how to retract my email, but decided it would just be better if I sent an apology, which I did, and I will just pray for a pleasant reception.