Friday, February 20, 2009

Who knew?

To the right is a fennel bulb.

Below is "sweet anise".

I needed fennel bulb, but it was labeled "Anise". I thought, "There's no way that can be anise, I've seen it before, and it's star-shaped and grows on a bush!" I even picked up the bulb and smelled it to check, but I was wary, so I didn't take it home. Turns out that many produce vendors mislabel fennel as "Sweet Anise" because of its mild licorice taste, but that it is, indeed, fennel.

Who knew?


suzannah said...

what are you cooking with fennel? i'm intrigued!

btw, i learned sarvers organic farm in greensburg has a csa (community support agriculture) that you can buy shares into. for about 23 bucks a week, you get 1/2-3/4 of a bushel of 6-7 varieties of whatever the heck is in season from may-october. this sounds so great to me! (but, i know i could just buy goodies at the farmers' market, too, then, and not have to drive to gbrg every week. anyways, splitting a share is still something to consider??? i like the idea of getting a box full of new stuff to learn to try and make and love:)

Leeanne said...

I made a recipe submitted by a reader of the Rachael Ray magazine, in the "Five or Less" column. Bascially, you have to make a recipe with five or fewer ingredients (not including olive oil, salt and pepper). It's just a pork tenderloin roasted with parsnips and fennel served over wilted arugula with balsamic vinegar over top. It was tasty! And simple.
I'd love to buy a share! But I can't get to Gbg. in the summer, nor am I able to cook. That's why I use the farmers market - I can be more selective about my timeline. I love buying random veggies and figuring out what to make with them!