Wednesday, October 1, 2008

front row!

Emma and I won the Wicked lottery last was great! We sat in the very front row, which was cool because you could see the performers facial expressions. I enjoyed this experience way more than any other musical theater experience (short of performing, of course) because I could actually see actors emitting emotion. Even the best actor in the world can't communicate a wink to the second row of the balcony without it looking completely comical. It was so fun! Of course, going to see musical theater always reminds me that I want to be on Broadway, or at least be a part of a musical again someday. I love to sing and dance, so it would be a blast...but I haven't done either in a performance venue in a long time. Going out to see others perform just reminds me of how much I miss it! But that's a testament to the great job that the company did last night at Wicked in Pittsburgh.
But for now, I'll be a camp director and reap the benefits of making lots of phone calls and emails to recruit campers for the Kingdom! :)
Thanks to my sister for a fun night out last night! Love you, Emma!


suzannah said...

ooh, that sounds so fun! you should look into auditioning with the valley really could do some musical theater in the valley.

thanks to you and emma for the DELICIOUS baba ganoush. we loved it!