Saturday, November 3, 2007

Almost there...

The longest weekend ever has commenced....and will hopefully be over soon! I can't believe how crazy last night was! We had a great group of kids come and they were pretty energetic. Maybe when they come tonight, they will have spent all day playing outisde and will be tired from that. Great kids, though, just hyper!
Tomorrow is Suzannah's baby shower which is so fun - I hope I have everything together for it! I had no idea it was so much work to pull all of that together. I hope she enjoys it and it's not too busy for her. I am so excited for baby Dylan to come into the world!
Pray for my sanity for this weekend - and for finances. It's not cheap to put on a baby shower and to run a VBS for these kids (thank goodness for reimbursements on that one!). But until then....well...pray! :)
P.S. They just opened a Sonic in Pittsburgh Mills! (Tarentum). Yay!