Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'm sitting on the couch at my parents' house with Emma and Alex and Ga and watching the Macy's parade, which has taken a brief down-turn while starring "Lance Bass" for a few minutes. I lost interest.
What a great day - it's one of those days that really does serve to make you thankful. From huevos rancheros for breakfast with mimosas to the delicious turkey dinner, the food is delicious. Plus, football is on pretty much all day long so we can watch and analyze and hopefully turn the sound down and make up the conversations on the sideline and all of the play calling in the huddle. BEST DAY EVER.
But seriously, how many days are we thankful for what we have? I'm not thankful very often, that's for sure. But all good things are from God, so today I thank Him for my family, and for relaxation, and for delicious food and even for watching parades and football.
Have a great thanksgiving! God Bless, everyone.