Wednesday, August 20, 2008


God has used many, many people to show me his love, to remind me how His love works.

When I started attending NCC in Illinois, I got connected to the worship ministry there with a lot of amazing people - Mike, Jen, Ron, Karen, Todd, Laura - it was my first, real, connection with a faith community in college and it changed my life. The drummer, Todd Mitchell passed away last night. I won't presume to know the Mitchells really well, but I remember a few things just from being in that worship team community for a year: Paula and Todd were a great example to me of a loving, Christ-centered marriage; Todd loved his three little guys - Sam, Luke, and Jackson - as much for their mischievous acts as for their adorable smiles; Todd loved to make music, listen to it, explore it, be creative with it; and Todd loved the Lord and others with his whole heart. I learned a lot about the kind of musician I wanted to be from his attitude and approach to music ministry.

I can't begin to imagine how Paula and the boys are feeling, and I'm basically terrible at offering words of comfort, so I won't try. All I know is God is good and present and loves us. Pray lots.


kristen said...

Thanks, Leeanne. I think you said it perfect!


Mike Jones said...

We miss you here. Thanks for the great stuff you said about Todd... he was a good guy, and will be missed.