Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tasty treat

I got up early this morning to watch a little about Hurricane Gustav, and then Daisy and I got bored a little while in. The tragedy of working at camp (for me) is that I can't stop waking up at 6:40 every day now, so I've been getting up early every day, well before mom and dad, and then getting a little bored. So today, I felt like I finally knew where they lived and how to get to Starbucks - so Daisy and I took a ride. We jumped in the car (well, I jumped, and Daisy needed a lift - that happens when you're an old dog, I suppose), and waved to Latisha (the security lady at the gate), and rolled on down the road just about a mile to the hoppin' Starbucks. A cool surprise was that my gift card had a ton of cash left on it from Easter, and so my Vanilla Latte was free. :) And Daisy got a little doggy treat from the girl at the drive-thru window. A fun outing for both!
Now it's time for eggs benedict, a trip to the beach, and a little prayer for the families evacuating to escape Gustav (including Pawpaw and Grandmaw and Uncle Russ).