Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Dining Hall

Outside my office right now is the sound of a huge machine digging holes in the ground. It's really cool, because it means our new dining hall is going to be built for next summer, and it's really terrible, because that noise will be going on all day, every day for the next seven or eight months. That's a lot of noise outside my office. Jim and I have considered changing the "no iPods in the office" rule because of the noise issue. It will be strange.
I had a great small group last night - I just love the ladies that I get to meet with, and we're doing a new study that's all about humility. It has some pretty intense reminders of how pride really looks, and we all had a hard time even confronting the aspects of pride that we deal with daily. It is really good to meet in a group like that, though, to be reminded that the daily struggles I deal with are not mine alone. It's just been great to meet at Kate's and talk about life and faith and pray together...maybe we'll even do some singing next week. One of our focuses this week is to remember God's holiness, so maybe I'll pick some songs that we can sing together.
Okay, time for working.