Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Very Special Dinner

Jim called and invited me over to have dinner with he and Suz and Dylan. Jim's a hunter, and he was trying out venison ribs that night for dinner and wanted a few brave souls to test them. It was a great dinner - fresh, sweet honeydew melon (the best I've had), a mixed green salad, fresh homemade whole-grain bread, and ribs. The boys loved the ribs, and Suzannah and I ate our own servings, but weren't blown away by them. It would be worth trying again, though, because I typically love venison.

But then it struck me. Deer season was over about 10 months ago, and won't begin again until November 23 or so. Where did this deer come from? Jim follows the law carefully, and would never hunt out of season. So I asked. Jim said the deer was in their yard and it was injured, so they called the game commission and they came and shot the deer. Why was the deer injured, you ask?


Not road"kill" exactly, more like road"wound" or road"maim", but it all boils down to the fact that the venison I ate for dinner was hit by a car about eight hours before right off Route 711. Evidently, the camp has a scavenging license so that we can clean up our roadsides. However, it also means we can eat anything we clean up. So thanks to someone's Chevy truck (who am I kidding...this is Western PA, it was probably a Ford truck), dinner is served.

I hope you all enjoy that story.


suzannah said...

who ARE we, leeanne?!? this country living is getting out of hand!