Monday, September 8, 2008

My weekly Wal-Mart experience

I don't love Walmart. I'm not really politically opposed to Wal-mart, but I generally don't enjoy going there because it's crowded, there are never enough lanes open, and the store is a magnet for small children throwing fits. Also, you can never find an employee when you most need one. So I don't love going there. But because I live in a tiny town, sometimes I have to make a trip to Wal-Mart to get even the most basic items . This week my trip was quite fun. Despite the fact that I wasn't able to purchase the item I needed (rubbermaid containers) because they had all been shelved without UPC labels, one man brought me joy.
I'm walking down the aisle by the kitchen utensils, and I suddenly hear behind me (in ringing, clear tones) someone singing "We Bow Down". Not quiet, not under his breath, but right out there for all to hear...but not quite at "crazy dude" level either. The best part? I turned around, and he's clearly hard-core biker. Head to toe in leather, boots, a vest with fringe, and a 'do-rag that was all black with big, yellow crosses on it. It was the best! He looked like a big thug biker, and he was singing to Jesus in Wal-mart. It made my day! Keep on singing, man.

Thanks to Suzannah for the encouragement to share this story with the world.


SVarkonda said...

This is a cool story. Much better than the little 2 year old blond girl who was wearing a tutu in TJ Maxx going through the store saying 'heyyyyy' in that fun sing song way that african american girls do! Oddly, i found myself responding back to her in the same way....i think I saved my dignity though because I was NOT wearing a tutu!