Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little dog

I got a little dog this week. She is eight years old, a beagle, and I adopted her from an animal shelter in a nearby town. She's very sweet, her name is (and has been for eight years) Angel. I think I might start calling her Angela, because then she would be named after my favorite character from The Office. She's been very kind and sweet, but is a little afraid of small children, so we're going to the obedience trainer to take care of that (chances are, she was abused at her last house, because she gets very, very afraid when I say "no" to her). She's very mellow, and likes to go for walks and sleep on the furniture (that's next on the obedience list). Currently we are working on sitting outside the kitchen when I'm in there cooking instead of right under my feet, which she is adjusting to nicely.
She's very fun! I'm excited to have a "roomie". :)


kristen said...

Pictures please!