Monday, August 25, 2008

Two days in to vaca

Vacations are nice...already, we've done a ton and Emma is now on her plane back to Pittsburgh. Last night, we hung out with my Dad's sister and her family, and with Ga, and it was a blast! We played some Cranium and chatted and ate lobster tails, fried fish, and lots of other goodies. It was great!
I'm also writing my postcards home to my small group girls - I'm so excited to meet them. I grabbed a stack of fairly non-descript Florida postcards, and somewhere in that pile I accidently picked up one with a half-dressed man in it. I'm just glad I checked before I wrote and mailed it out! :)
Today, Mom and I will go to the gym and just take the rest of the day in stride!


suzannah said...

so happy vacation is restful and fun. love your new wordle header!