Saturday, March 15, 2008

How did this happen?

So, basically, I became a sports fan. I mean, I've always loved the Steelers because who couldn't? They're wonderful. But my life has changed significantly in the realm of "sports fan" since college, and I'm not completely sure why. But it all started with the 2004 Steelers and Big Ben and the 15-1 season, and then White Sox winning the World Series, and then Pittsburgh winning Super Bowl XL...and during that time, I started to listen to Mike and MIke on ESPN (Chicago's 1000 AM) and I joined the official Chicago Steeler's Fan Club. Basically, as my friend Allan says, "You're like as much of a jock as you could be without actually playing any sports." I love to watch sports! And it has helped me to be more comfortable making small talk with people when I'm out at camp fairs and things, so I guess it's a good thing. And sports are a nice, relaxing sort of thing to watch.
The reason I recognize this is because my latest genre of reading has been "Sports Biography". I just read this book about Bobby Jones called "Grand Slam" and it's great! I love it because not only is it a book about a golfer, but it's about the historical context of his life (World War I) and about his faithfulness to his wife and to what he believes despite being the greatest amateur golfer of all time, and essentially the "rock star" of his time. Anyway, I totally recommend it.
And on a side note, Frank Caviezel, who playes Bobby in the feature film, has a lovely smile and is quite good looking. I'm a fan.