Saturday, March 22, 2008

Worst. Blogger. Ever.

Hey, y'all! Sorry I'm so stinking bad at blogging! I don't have internet at my house, and since my last post I haven't had any time to go and grab internet elsewhere. Wow. Insane!
Here's something cool: I got new furniture! It's all set about the living room and my bedroom and everywhere - and an island will be in the kitchen when I get back home next week. I am looking forward to being settled! Also, I'm looking forward to painting - one room down, six more to go (somewhere around there!).
I'll put up some pictures - what a blessing that my parents and I are both moving: they into a smaller home in Florida, and me into my permanent home a the camp. That means that while my parents have surplus of furniture, I have a paucity. (Ten points for the use of paucity). So things worked out perfectly, and while I will miss them, I am happy to have my "childhood" sofa and beds and stuff at my new grown-up house.
Check out my gardening stuff too - I'm trying to cultivate a green thumb in myself and beautiful things in my garden! :)


suzannah said...

your house looks great with the new furniture! i can't believe i live next door and my first glimpse is online. we must see each other (post banquet, post open house.) soon! xo