Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Such A Girl!

I love this movie so much, and my roommate and I have watched it over and over again since this past Thursday. I guess I could just chalk our love of this film up to "loving Disney princess movies" and "Patrick Dempsey is attractive", and those are certainly aspects of it. But I think it communicates some strong ideas for girls to look at (because you're not getting a teenage boy within 100 feet of this film).

First of all, Gisele's (played by Amy Adams) innocence is not so overdone that you find her irritating - she just seems genuine and loveable. At one point, in what we would call naievete, she says, (while weeping) "Well of course they're in pain, they're being separated forever and ever. What kind of place is this that people are married one day and the next day they're not?" I think it's sad that we've gotten to the point that divorce and anger don't cause us a moment's pause, when we should be mourning the love that's changed. Girls shouldn't expect perfection (which the film does depict to some extent), but it's good to dream about the perfect man that God has for you to be with forever in marriage.

Secondly, the transformation of the male lead, Robert Philip (played by Patrick Dempsey), takes him from being the traditional cynical divorce lawyer and single father, ready to take a non-romantic step and propose to his girlfriend of five years, Nancy, to being a still rational guy, but also a believer in true love and the transformation it can bring to life. Not unlike a fairy tale. It's fun to see how his harsh edges are mellowed by the Gisele character. At the same time, Gisele maintains her ideals for love and family and happily ever after, but it's mellowed by the realization of the ways that life isn't perfect, and how some people aren't what they seem. The maturity of both Robert and Gisele balances them into more compassionate, loving people.

The movie is called "Enchanted" because that's what the Gisele character does to those around her - she's enchanting to them. Isn't one of our roles to be a light for Christ? I mean, that doesn't always mean that we'll be singing musicals in Central Park, but we are called to love others unfailingly in imitation of Christ. Anyway, once I watch a movie a number of times, I have to rationalize why I'm not outisde jogging or something, so that's where I went with it. :)

All in all, it's a cute movie. And safe for kids to watch! As I was watching it, I realized how I haven't had a lot kids' movie time lately. I used to babysit for the Jones kids in Illinois fairly regularly, and that's when I got to see all the cool kids' movies that were out. Now I have to make myself do that!


kristen said...

I agree!!! I loved, loved, loved, Enchanted and as a side note, my boys liked it too. Of course, they loved the action and such in the movie, where the girls loved the princess stuff.

The kids would love to have you come and hang out and watch movies with them the next time you come out to visit!!! And Faith is getting to the age where she really needs a great mentor like you!!!