Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Roadhouse Pizza

There's a new pizza place just a mile from my house. And it's owned by Carol & Dave, whom we love, and there's a ton of variety on the menu. And even though all the food there is great, today I want to write an Ode to Stromboli.

Oh, Stromboli, you're smaller than I expected
Yet the 10.99 I paid for you was not too much.
Your round, crispy, doughy outside conceals your inner beauty
The beauty of Dave & Babies buffalo chicken artichoke dip.
Though the waitress said you would feed two or three
Krista and I wanted one for each of us
Waiting for you by the arcade was not so much fun
I learned that I should never have an air hockey table
Or male children.
You are the perfect excuse for eating bad stuff
I'm basically eating dip, but it's listed under "Entrees"
You make my mind come alive with possibilities
of ways to eat other bad thing wrapped in dough and call them "dinner"
Nutella stromboli, meringue stromboli, Yucatan hot bean dip stromboli
So many choices you offer to me
April makes a good stromboli at the camp, too.
I can no longer settle for simple dinner options
Stromboli you did this to me.

So I hope you enjoyed that. Things are tense getting ready for summer camp; we all need a little giggle.

Also, there was a picture but blogger won't let me upload today. sorry.


Mike Jones said...

Hilarious! Looks like your enjoying PA, Leeanne. Thanks for the birthday wishes - not sure how you knew or remembered. Miss your singing and sarcasm... hope those around you appreciate it :)