Friday, May 9, 2008

Waiting for Baby

Today baby Adleigh is coming into the world - we think. Sandy and Pat are at the hospital awaiting the newest member of the Myers clan (and with six of them now, it really is like a clan). It's a very high tension day for us here, too, waiting for news and thinking about how cute she will be and what she will wear and how she will be the best behaved baby and will sleep full nights starting tomorrow. Well, maybe not that last one. I've gotten to wait for many babies this year, and it's really exciting to be waiting for one more sweet little girl to come into the world! It's so fun to think that just five months ago, we were making Christmas tree ornaments and Kaylin remembered to make one for Adleigh - but she didn't seem quite real yet. How cool!
God Bless baby Adleigh.